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Firehouse Culture

What makes Firehouse unique in our industry? While it's easy to point to the obvious differentiators such as our 40-year legacy, 24/7 operations and European manufacturing facility, the true answer lies deeper. Our corporate culture is an uncommon mixture of a family-owned business coupled with collaborative management practices designed to deliver the best products every time. Our open-book management empowers every employee as a stakeholder which leads to constant innovation in product mix, workflow and technology. Firehouse is not afraid to completely reinvent itself having evolved from a leading, local photo lab to a global retail graphics powerhouse.

The Great Game of Business
Firehouse has based our business on open-book management, primarily using the theories of Jack Stack's book "The Great Game of Business."

Firehouse History
Firehouse has been in business since 1971. But the legacy of our name goes back over 100 years! Our original building opened as an active fire station in 1896. Read more of our story by clicking the history link above.

Firehouse is a Women's Business Enterprise
Firehouse has completed the Indiana State Certification process as a Woman-owned Business Enterprise.

Corporate Profiles
Learn more about Firehouse's executives.

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We are a Proven, Low-Cost Provider Supporting
Value-Added Supply Partners & Retailers Executing
In-Store Graphic Communications Initiatives.