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Firehouse Equipment List

Part of embracing the constant changes in our industry is the realization that any equipment list will not stay up to date for long. We are constantly updating our hardware to provide the very best output solutions.

Photo of HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press

1 - HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press

The new Indigo 5600 is a true offset press, yet optimized for short-run projects. The output is vastly superior to what you'll see from any toner-based machine and even exhibits better saturation than traditional offset presses. The Indigo allows us to offer our clients more bundled services under one roof.

Photo of Vutek GS3250LX inkjet printer

1 - Vutek GS3250LX 126-inch Flat-bed LED Curing Printer

The Vutek GS3250LX is not only a production powerhouse - it's also a greener printing solution. The GS3250LX delivers outstanding color and blazing speed! The output from this LED-based printer contains no VOC's, produces less waste, uses less energy and allows printing on thinner and recycled materials.

Photo of Vutek GS3200 inkjet printer

1 - Vutek GS3200 126-inch Flat-bed UV Curing Printer

The Vutek GS3200 delivers photo-realistic quality at 1000 dpi. It also has white ink which allows vibrant color on clear materials.

Photo of Vutek GS3250r inkjet printer

1 - Vutek GS3250r 126-inch Roll-to-roll UV Curing Printer

The Vutek GS3250r offers true 1000 dpi, six-color output for critical applications. Its speed a durability allow true 24/7 uptime for meeting the most demanding deadlines.

Photo of Teleios Dye Sub Printer

1 - Teleios 2500 100-inch Dye Sub Printer

The Teleios Black 2500 features an expanded color gamut with dazzling reds and rich blacks. The 2500 features an inline heat fixation unit and delivers beautiful results on our fabric materials.

Photo of HP LX850 latex printer

2 - HP Scitex LX850 126-inch Roll-to-roll Latex Printers

The HP LX850 uses water-based inks and cartridges manufactured from 70% recycled material. The latex inks completely dry inside the machine so prints are immediately available for finishing. The LX850 is ideal for all substrates including paper, vinyl and fabrics. Outdoor prints have a 3-year durability without lamination.

Photo of HP Latex 360 latex printer

5 - HP Latex 360/370 60-inch Roll-to-roll Latex Printers

The HP Latex 360/370 series represents the newest generation of HP latex machines. They brings even greater speed and print durability.

Photo of HP L26500 latex printer

6 - HP L26500 60-inch Roll-to-roll Latex Printers

The Designjet L26500s are smaller cousins to our HP Scitex LX850. The water-based latex inks achieved UL sustainable Product Certification.

Photo of Durst Rho 351R inkjet printer

1 - Durst Rho 351R 138-inch Roll-to-Roll, UV Curing Printer

The Rho 351R uses Durst's unique Quadro Array Technology which incorporates a total of 512 ink nozzle outlets. This revolutionary system is capable of printing 1600 sq. ft. per hour! The UV-curing ink system speeds through the most demanding print jobs.

Photo of Durst Lambda photo printer

5 - Durst Lambda 50-inch Photographic Printers

The Durst Lambda is a laser-based, large-format photographic printer that renders images on roll material up to 127 cm (50 in.) in width. Since their introduction in 1995, Lambdas have continually set the industry benchmarks for productivity and image quality.

Firehouse's 5 Lambdas provide astonishing photographic throughput and uncompromising quality.

Photo of Epson GS6000 printer

1 - Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 Eco Solvent Printer

The Epson GS6000 is a new generation of solvent-based printing technology for the most demanding outdoor and indoor applications. The 64-inch, roll-to-roll printer is in a class by itself. The new solvent-based ink system reduces environmental impact while still offering complete compatibility with any solvent-based media. The UltraChrome ink technology introduces eight individual colors for stunningly accurate reproductions.

Photo of Epson 9800 printer

5 - Epson Stylus Pro 9800 Series 44-inch Fine Art Printers

The Epson Stylus Pro 9800 is one of the most advanced fine art printers in the world. The archival printing system offers superior color fidelity and stability. The new print head design is the most accurate Epson has made. These 44" printers are perfect for mid-sized prints and offer stunning 8-color ink technology.

Photo of Epson 7880 printer

9 - Epson Stylus Pro 7800 Series 24-inch Fine Art Printers

The Epson Stylus Pro 7880 are workhorses of fine art printing. For small to medium prints, they are blazingly fast and don't compromise on image quality. They still have all the refinements of the latest generation of Epson printers including advanced head design, 8-color inks and archival prints.

Photo of Epson Dye Sub printer

1 - Epson F-6070 44-inch Dye Sub Printer

Developed using the latest advancements in performance imaging, this innovative system includes the exclusive MicroPiezo TFP print head, along with an all-new dye-sublimation ink technology - Epson UltraChrome DS1.

Photo of Packsize box maker

1 - Packsize EM7 box maker

The Packsize machine delivers "Right-sized Packaging in Demand®." By creating perfectly sized packaging per project, the Packsize uses less cardboard and packing materials. That reduces shipping costs and also cuts down on shipping-related damages.

Photo of Zund cutter

3 - Zund X/Y Cutter/Routers

The Zund cutter/router is an incredibly versatile machine. The computer-controlled cutter is driven by a digital file containing the cutting path. The operator aligns reference dots on the print with the reference dots on the cutting path file and the Zund does the rest. Incredibly complex cuts are executed with precision every time. The adjustable depth perception can also score to make easy folds in POP displays.

Photo of Summa cutter

1 - Summa S160 Vinyl Cutter

The Summa S160 uses a precision cutting head and powerful servo motors to cut with amazing speed and accuracy. Like the Zund, the cutting head is driven by a cutting path file and cuts complex shapes with ease. Kiss-cutting for vinyl decals is a specialty.

2 - Durst Preparation Stations

These powerful machines are the front ends for our Durst photo printers.

2 - Colex 5560 50-inch Photo Paper Processors

7 - Durst 50-inch X/Y Auto Cutters

These straight lines trimmers offer speed and accuracy when trimming roll goods up to 50 inches wide.

1 - Fotoba 125-inch Roll to Roll Cutter

Capable of handling any material from the Epsons, Lambdas all the way up to the maximum width of the large Vutek printers, the Fotoba cutter performs straight cuts with speed and precision.

1 - Duplo DC-645 Auto Cutter

Cuts and scores Indigo sheet-fed jobs from business cards to brochures.

1 - DocuCutter 490 Stack Cutter

1 - Kompac EZ Koat 20 Coater

Coats Indigo sheet-fed jobs with aqueous and UV protective coatings.

5 - 50-inch+ Laminators

Whether applying a protective front lamination or mounting prints to substrates or both simultaneously, these presses handle the most demanding jobs.

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