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POP Fabrics with REXframe™

Frame assembly guideRetail, POP framed fabrics are all the rage in Europe and Australia, and they are gaining popularity in the U.S. Why?

• Lightweight fabric and frame
• Less expensive to ship
• Easily rolled and stored
• Easy installation
• Quick updating of graphics without tools
• Very low profile frame - more graphic, less frame
• Frames can be single or double sided or even backlit

The key to framed fabrics are SEG (silicon edge graphics). A silicone strip is sewn to all edges of the fabric, and then inserted into the frame and held taut. Firehouse is pleased to partner with REXframe™, a leader in SEG framing systems worldwide. The modular, lightweight frames are easy to assemble, and available in a wide variety of options.

Frames can be floor-standing, wall-mounted or hung! The profiles allow for single- and double-sided display and even cubes. Optional, integrated LEDs provide a long-lasting, cool-running light source for backlit applications.

If you have any questions on silicon edge graphics and frames,
please give us a call at 800-382-9179 or send us an EMAIL.

For more information on Firehouse's printing technology, see our Equipment List.
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