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Firehouse Plays the Great Game of Business.

Great Game of Business book cover Every business develops its own corporate culture. You can sense it when walking through a company. Are things wild, chaotic and disorganized or are they calm, ordered and professional? Firehouse prides itself on its corporate culture. We've based our business on open-book management, primarily using the theories of Jack Stack's book The Great Game of Business.

Jack Stack developed the "Great Game" system of open-book management out of necessity years ago. He and his business partners had purchased a failing engine-building division of International Harvester. They renamed the company SRC and set about pulling it out of crushing debt and low morale. How did he do it? He took the elements of a game and applied it to business. He called the system The Great Game of Business. It saved SRC and has been successfully applied to thousands of companies since.

The basics of the "The Game" are fairly simple. Educate everyone in the company about how the business makes money. Educate them on how their daily work adds value to the company. Show how reducing costs maximizes profit. Give employees a financial stake in the outcome. With knowledge comes power and Firehouse employees continuously strive to improves processes and efficiencies.

Firehouse CEO Terry Corman explains, "You can teach someone the rules of baseball, but you can't make people play hard, or smart, unless they can see the scoreboard and understand how to tell if you are winning or losing. This philosophy translates to The Great Game of Business. You can tell people what to do at their jobs, and how to do it, but when you explain how their job makes money for the company, and that they have a stake in the outcome, great things happen."

Playing "The Game" can make good companies great - and great companies "world class!"

It is due to our corporate culture that we can provide you, the Firehouse customer, with the best products and service in the industry.

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