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Monthly Archive: June 2012

The Key to Success

terryblogImagine two planks of wood that are four inches thick, twelve inches wide, and each twelve feet long. One of those planks of wood is right at your feet in front of you, and the other is suspended between two ladders 70 feet above you. The plank on the ground ends on the ground twelve feet from where you are standing. The plank in the air ends twelve feet from the ladder you must climb to reach it in order to walk across the plank to the other ladder to bring you to the ground.

Walking the length of the board on the ground from one end to the other is no problem for most people. But the majority will never try to walk the board that is 70 feet above the ground. The skill set to walk on both boards is the same. The cost of failure on one is insignificant. The cost of failure on the other is catastrophic!

TheKeyToSuccessThis analogy holds true for much of what we do in life. The actual doing of most any project may not be that difficult, but most people are not willing to pay the price of failure.

There is another factor at work for an effort to be successful. Once a project is fully engaged, and lip service has been given to the price of failure, a trade-off has taken place. The trade-off for becoming successful is that you will have to give up something else you value.

So now we are going to describe the key to success. To be successful at any endeavor you must be willing to completely pay the price of failure, and you must be willing to accept the trade-off of time, money or personal relationships to meet your goal.

The price of failure, and the trade-off from current lifestyle enjoyment, are the two factors that prevent most everyone from living their dreams.

Dreams are all about outcome. Achieving dreams is all about paying the price.

Dreamers walk the plank on the ground in their minds with ease, over and over. Achievers climb the ladder knowing their lives will never be the same… one way or another.


Terry Corman
Firehouse CEO