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Monthly Archive: July 2015

What’s a Firehouse Boomerang?

JonPicIt’s long been true during Firehouse’s history that employees will leave the company and later return. Maybe they received a new job offer, were going back to school or just wanted to explore new opportunities. But after months, or years, many return to Firehouse. It happened so frequently, we named those employees boomerangs. I used to kid around about the term, until I became a boomerang myself. I left Firehouse in 1999 to pursue creative interests at several local ad agencies. A decade later, with the economic down-turn, I was one of many hit by a round of lay-offs. One of my first calls was to Firehouse. And, fortunately for me, they welcomed the opportunity to begin a marketing program, so here I am.

FirehouseBoomerangThe boomerang phenomenon speaks to Firehouse’s corporate culture. We have always said Firehouse is a unique mixture of a family-owned business with collaborative management practices. But, in basic terms, Firehouse is simply a great place to work. It’s a place where learning and personal development are nourished. A long-time employee recently wrote to CEO Terry Corman explaining why he was having so many successes in his personal and business life.

“I heard things like create a brand. Marketing. Email blasts. Create a business of business people. I took those things to heart, and basically sat every night applying them. I was told no, you’re not good enough more times than I can tell you. I was told to give up. Had I listened to any of that rather than filter it all out and persist, I would never have made it. I kept a positive focus on what I wanted. I now have articles and photos published world wide, I have been featured on a PBS TV show, one book in full production with a second (and possibly a third) on the way. All of this because I was at a place where I was tuned into hearing what you were saying and adopt some of it into my personal life.”

Not surprisingly, we see the boomerang effect with clients. Like employees, they explore other options, different vendors and technologies. More often than not, they return with comments such as, “Their print quality couldn’t match yours.” “Your QC team is SO much better.” “I really missed my Firehouse project manager.”

So, to all boomerang clients and employees, welcome back.

Jon Heilman
Marketing Director

Firehouse Fires Up EG Conference Attendees

PaulPicEG11Since 2006, the EG Conference has possibly been “…the best-kept secret in the world of conferencing.” The annual gathering showcases “…inventors, educators, artists and designers, writers and thinkers, scientists and engineers, musicians, magicians, the young and old, the famous and the undiscovered.”

Firehouse has produced graphics for the last three EG Conferences and we were pleased to add our printing expertise to EG 2015. We partnered with EG to create a wide variety of graphics for their reception hall. It showcased many of the conference’s presenters and served to whet the appetites of attendees.

Firehouse printed tyvek banners mounted to standing hardware and hanging from the ceiling. Wall mounted graphics included canvas prints and textured vinyl. We also produced tabletops with laminated PSV and dye sub direct to wood. The collection of print technologies and styles on display was as eclectic as the EG 2015 presenters.

“All of the reproductions were delivered on-time and were spectacular—beautifully printed—perfectly mounted—flawless. I look forward to using your reliable expertise in our venue.”

– Christopher Newell
Producer – EG Conference




This year’s conference was a huge success and we look forward to aiding EG again in 2016.

Paul Meek
Vice President of Operations