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Firehouse Doubles Production Space!

PaulPic6-11-15-AIt’s been 12 years since Firehouse moved into our “new” building, as long-time employees refer to it. We left behind our namesake fire station in 2003 for our current facility. At the time, we thought the space was so vast, we considered leasing a portion of it to other businesses. No, really! Not long after we moved in, we filled it completely. A few more years went by and we added offsite warehouse space and storage facilities to house materials and parts. Finally, in the last couple years it was clear, we needed to expand again.

FirehouseExpansionThis week, Firehouse broke ground on a building expansion that will literally double our production space! That will allow us to close down the warehouse and storage facilities and 6-11-15-Bkeep everything under one roof. It will also shorten our response times for rush jobs and make our throughput even greater. And now we will have space to run multiple pack-outs simultaneously without the logistics challenges. Finally, it gives us the ability to add larger, specialized equipment, which again increases throughput. Construction will proceed through the summer.

Firehouse wants to be the most responsive printer for our clients. The on-demand world is constantly moving faster, and so are we.

Paul Meek
Vice President of Operations


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