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Firehouse Outfits Indiana Goodwill Stores


GoodwillStorefrontCroppedCentral Indiana Goodwill stores wanted a new graphic approach for their upcoming store launches. They called on Firehouse to bring innovative print options to their marketing team. We led with frame and fabric for its premium look, ease of installation and even easier graphic swaps in the future.

The fabric option was a hit, but their team wanted to add something for extra pop. Discussions centered around an additional, layered graphic on top of the the frame and fabric. Goodwill wanted that extra dimension for the “wow” factor. Custom-cut foamboard graphics were designed that could be attached to the framed pieces via magnets. Firehouse sourced additional bracing for the frames as attachment points for the magnets. The result was visually stunning and easy to install. The “refresh” was expanded to include smaller directional wall signs as well as rack toppers complete with new hardware sourced by Firehouse. All the graphic elements came together to complete the new in-store experience.








Firehouse strives to bring continued success to our clients through innovative print solutions.

Paul Meek
Vice President of Operations

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