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Time for a Change

terryblogTerry1989At the age of 67, and with 25 years of running a small business in Indiana and 5 years of the same in Europe, it is the right time to turn the day-to-day operation of Firehouse and Firehouse B.V. over to youth, energy, and brainpower. Randy Baer has slipped into the chair behind my desk, and has taken the helm of both businesses as our new COO. He has developed his skill set over the last 20 years with Firehouse, and he is ready to lead us through the next 20 and beyond.

I can now get out from behind my (new) desk more often and spend more time nurturing our client relationships. I will also be focusing on new product implementation and new business development. All of a sudden, I am having fun at work again. This change has been a wonderful learning experience for me, and it has turned out to be a terrific boost to the company.

The take away from this is, I guess, you cannot really have anything until you have the willingness to give it away. Giving away my job of 25 years has given me a great new opportunity to bring exciting new products to Firehouse. I’ve spoken a great deal about automation in our industry, and the most exciting developments I am seeing at Firehouse are in this field.

Stay tuned,

Terry Corman
Firehouse CEO

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  1. Gene Marshall

    Wishing Terry and Sally much success and happiness in the coming years.

  2. Mary Ellen Loscar

    Enjoy some relaxation Terry. Congrats to Randy.

  3. Jim Corman

    This is such a good thing for Firehouse and Terry and Sally!!
    WE GOT THIS! from here on…


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