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Your Own Final Four

terryblogWatching college basketball at a very small, local university has become a welcome routine over the years. A couple of years ago, at the start of the season, the basketball coaches of all the teams put out their predictions. Our team was expected to finish sixth in the league that year. Ours is not a very strong or well-known league in college basketball.

As expected, our local college basketball team started the season like a second-rate team in a second-tier league. The wins were few, and the losses mounted until one particularly awful defeat against the worst team in the league. Our team was beaten badly, and the five-hour ride back from Detroit, I am told, was in total silence. That night, after the silent bus ride, one of the sophomore players stood on a chair in the locker room and offered up his appraisal of the team and the players.

By the post-season, our little team was on national TV facing Duke University in the final game for the NCAA National Championship in front of 70,000 fans!

YourOwnFinalFourHow could such an enormous change happen? What could transform a nondescript, losing basketball team into a powerhouse that beat every major university it faced in its trip to the Final Four? The truth is that the little basketball team had a lot of hidden talent. The starting center on the team went on to play professional basketball in Europe. Two of the other starting players are now enjoying careers in the NBA. The other truth is that the individual players didn’t recognize their own hidden talents. They didn’t know how good they were until they fully committed themselves to being the best basketball players and the best teammates they could be.

And so it is with so many teams and organizations and businesses. There is an incredible amount of hidden and untapped talent in this world. Most people are capable of so much more in life than they know. It’s just that they have never worked hard enough and long enough and with concentrated effort to see just how good they are.

Imagine now your own teammate standing on a chair in your locker room. Imagine that right now. He’s saying to you quietly, “I know we just lost to Detroit. I know they beat us bad, but get over it. We are going to the Final Four if you will just commit to it and work like never before.”

Your Final Four can happen! It can happen this season. You have to commit.


Terry Corman
Firehouse CEO

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